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    Welcome to Dayco Construction LLC.

    Dump truck 35000GVW Excavator

    Dump truck 35000GVW Excavator, track loader, with most attachments.
    Daily, weekly rental with operator commercial
    Competive prices. residential, commercial,
    Services general contractors.


    Decks, docks,boat houses .

    Hard scape

    Hard scape, land scape construction of any kind exterior kitchen desing and construct..

    Aggregate deliveries of any kind

    Aggregate deliveries of any kind ,top soil, potting soil

    Our Advantages Using Innovative Technology Read more Slide Our Advantages Using Innovative Technology Read more Slide Our Advantages Using Innovative Technology Read more

    Bringing your dream to reality

    Quality is our top priority

    We depend on our Research and Development team to provide us with the latest in construction technology and manufacturing solutions resulting in benefits to our customers. Using high-end material is our forte.

    About Dayco Construction LLC.

    We believe in building long lasting business relationships with our clients.

    We don’t make clients, but we build relationships. We are well equipped with a highly motivated and committed professional team of experts in the fields of construction. We have an unparalleled track record in developing, executing, and managing the most modern and intricate projects. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of construction services of the highest quality that deliver the best value to our customers in support of their operations and ensure our joint success.

    We Build outstanding landscapes designs

    We want our clients to have a satisfying and hassle-free experience. To ensure that our clients are fully satisfied, our team of professionals’ work day and night to give our client what they need. High quality and unique landscape designs are our forte. Providing you with distinctive and appealing Landscape design And Const is our top priority.

    We deliver high quality aggregate material for our customers

    We believe that high-end quality aggregate material is highly essential for any construction project. We make sure that the aggregates delivered in Florida or elsewhere match the required quality. Our aim is to provide the best quality material to our clients and leaving no room for error. So, hurry up and get the best quality aggregates delivered in Jacksonville at affordable cost.

    We build outstanding hardscape designs

    Our team is all set to give your garden a revamp. With the right equipment and right vision, we are all set to cater to your needs. With hardscape designs integrated into the architecture, our team will make you visualize your idea for the perfect scenery. Whatever your ideal room entails, we will assist you in discovering it. Hardscape design And Const that will satisfy you to your core.

    Our vision

    Our vision enhances the internal culture and maintains our reputation as a construction leader, an employer of choice, a trustworthy and respected contractor, and an active community member. With our experience, we are here to start a project with you. Our ideas and our planning will help you to a great extent.


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    Project Planning


    Explore the features

    General Contracting


    Explore the features

    Paver driveway with retaining wall



    Ideas with impressive details

    Our work experience describes our wide spectrum in terms of function, size, location, building systems, materials technology, and clients.


    We Build Your Dream


    Grading, side construction, footing foundation sidewalk and curbing

    Equipment rental daily weekly

    Equipment rental daily weekly, with operator. Dump truck 35000GVW Peterbuild , Excavator, track loader with most attachments .

    Land clearing

    Land clearing, Industrial brush cutter ,able 8″ trees knock down and mulch.

    Aggregate deliveries

    Aggregate deliveries all kind competive prices, prompt services.

    Side Utilities

    Side Utilities connection.


    Dranige , drain field construction, Installation of cach basin, sewell.

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